Adopted November 24, 2009



Quinn, DSA. After our beloved Kody died suddenly, I knew there was one thing I wanted--a large, hairy, mixed breed, male rescue puppy --preferably a german shepherd mix. I had been looking for a while and was surprised at how hard it was to find a puppy who had the potential to grow to the size I wanted. I saw several 4 to 6 month old pups who were 10 pounds and labeled as "large." I think I was starting to drive everyone crazy. I had seen a dog on Petfinder at a local shelter and liked his face. He was not what I was looking for at all: already a year old, solid black, a retriever mix. But he didn't seem to be getting adopted and I know that shelters are not good places for large, black mixed breed dogs. The more I looked at the mischievous face in the photo, the more it spoke to me.

My friend Marlo called about the dog and reported back to me. She said she and her husband would go look at him for me if I wanted --I hoped he would be more of a flat coat than a lab. She was on her way to the shelter when I started to get photo texts from Jeff who was also on his way with Spencer to check out this dog as a surprise for me. Well, they all met up at the shelter, met this dog, discovered he was wonderful and started flooding me with photos, videos and texts. I was dismissed from work since I wasn't doing anything anyway and my phone was constantly going off. When I got there, everyone was out front with the dog. I spent about two minutes with him before going in to fill out the adoption paperwork. He became Quinten Dutkofski--"Quinn" for short.

Part of his adoption package included a discounted obedience class with Karen Deeds. We signed up and the rest is history. We discovered that Quinn is absolutely brilliant, intuitive and extremely easy to train. His happy, well-adjusted, laid back personality together with his goofy, clownish nature make him a hit with just about everyone he meets. Quinn never has a bad day--ever! Because he is so well behaved, he gets to go to outdoor art fairs, restaurants and other public places where people often ask if he is a service dog. Jeff and I take that opportunity to tell them that he is simply a mixed breed dog who was stuck in a shelter and that there are so many more just like him who are waiting for a second chance, a loving home and an opportunity to shine like he has. Quinn is quite the ambassadog for shelter mutts.

In November, 2008 Quinn earned his Dog Scout title at camp. We are so proud of our little shelter boy.  He had so much fun and we both made really great friends at Dog Scouts.  Perhaps he will try his paw at being a therapy dog some day. There is nothing he can't learn to do. Quinn mastered the treadmill in a few minutes, he'll pick up anything and bring it to me (tv remote, my cell phone, slippers, his Chuck It) and he can paint with a brush in his mouth or his with his paw. He enjoys his obedience classes, learning tricks, swimming, dog scouts, retrieving and any public outing where he can make new friends. Quinn is a big, lovable doofus who makes us laugh and completes our family. He may not have been what I was looking for, but he is definitely what we needed!